Kandy was a little chaotic city surrounded by huge green hills. The train trip from Ella was absolutely beautiful as we passed so many tea estates and saw so many gorgeous views. Kandy is the cultural hub of Sri Lanka with lots of things to keep you busy- 3 days was enough for me. I spent time walking back streets and looking at the various goods for sale had – saris, homewares, electronics and souvenirs. The food in Kandy I found was not as impressive as the rest of Sri Lanka, and food is always very important to me! After a few hours of walking around the city I like to return to my little guess house – Garden Rest, a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle and just sit back and listen to birds. 

As I write this I am in Colombo, it’s my last day and I fly out at 11.15pm tonight. Sri Lanka has been an amazing place to visit and at the end of each day I go to sleep with a smile, thinking of all the kind hearted people, beautiful scenery and delicious foods I have met, seen and ate along the way. I’ll be sad to leave but happy to return to my little home on the beach. 

Thank you Sri Lanka.


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