I’ve been in Midigama for the last 6 days and it’s been very slow paced. Life here consists of waking up when you feel the sunlight in your room and the outside noises slowly start to hum. I usually have breakfast at a small little family run place called Cafe Pleasure. They do delicious ginger tea and tasty coconut rotis with dhal. They also do fruit salad with yoghurt although I’m quite certain the yoghurt is actually creme caramel – I’m definitely not complaining.

The surf has been average and quite crowded over the last few days. It’s okay though as I’m still finding little places to explore and enjoying just watching the days go by – people watching and observing.

I am staying at a little place across from the beach called Dolce Vita. It is run by a husband and wife who are so helpful and kind. Today I have woken up feeling like I have the flu and right away she has prepared me an ayurvedic tea.

I spent yesterday afternoon wandering through the back streets of Weligama – a small fishing town not far from Midigama. I could walk the streets for hours, just meandering down back streets and watching people go about their lives. There are Muslim jewellers, fabric sellers, fishmongers and everything in between. The people love to smile and on every corner there is something interesting happening. Sometimes it’s a dusty corner with a door ajar; Β light seeping in on an old man’s face while he squats and goes about his business. Other times it’s kids laughing and playing on the streets. The Sri Lankan people are very interested and love to stop for a chat.

I am here for another Β 4 days then I’m heading inland to the hills..


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