What a day.. I am so overwhelmed by the kindness of the Sri Lankans. They are always ready with a genuine smile and a friendly hello.

Today I started the day with a delicious breakfast at a place called Koha Surf Lounge and Cafe. They do delicious simple healthy meals. I had poached eggs and avocado on toast with fresh tomato and red onion salsa and a tasty cup of chai. They also do muesli, fruit, coffee etc.

I then put the vibes out there that I would meet a friendly tuk tuk driver who would take me to Galle Fort. Just as I walked out the door I was greeted with “taxi madam?” and a lovely, smiling, plump man named Darma who was ready to take me. He took me to find an adaptor and also agreed to take me to Midigama tomorrow. I spent the day exploring and wandering around the fort, people watching and taking pictures. The Sri Lankans love to have a chat but stay just long enough in order to not annoy you.

After walking around for awhile and sweating my guts out I thought it was time for a freshly squeezed juice. After ordering I was having second thoughts about my decision, as the cups definitely weren’t sanitary and the straws were most likely reused. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to hurt the poor guys feelings so I swallowed the sugar filled drink down and went on my way.

It’s an easy walk around the fort with lots of little streets to explore. Just remember sunscreen and a hat, as it’s extremely hot and I was left with a nice camera strap mark.

I had a delicious Morrocan meal at a place called Chambers Restaurant. The chicken spiced spring rolls are so tasty and the ginger tea works wonders for those who may be experiencing stomach issues from too much curry.

I then got coaxed into buying a bag of masala tea and wandered through the streets that had been hit by the tsunami. I was unsuccessful in finding a tuk tuk so decided to sit down and wait for awhile. Soon enough a security guy was to the rescue. He asked me what was wrong, hailed me a taxi and negotiated the price I wanted – thank you little man, you are amazing.

After a long day in the sun I’m sitting in my tranquil garden wondering what my next meal will be. The joys of travelling..


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