I arrived in Colombo late last night from Kuala Lumpur. Colombo isΒ one of the easiest airports to get through. Customs didn’t really even exist and I walked straight on through.. actually not even sure if I got an entry stamp. I stayed at a cute little airbnb place last night, with the lovely lady waiting up to greet me. It’s always a little dicey arriving to a new city at night.. when the driver makes a turn down a strange and dark looking alley you can only hope they have your best interests in mind. Although the alley was dark and dodgy it did lead me to the right place and everything was fine. Due to the time difference, I was up early with the chirping birds and the neighbour coughing up a lung. Buela (my host) made me fresh coffee, had a bit of a chat, and sent me on my way, reminding my driver to stop so I could get some breakfast.

I arrived at the train station at around 10.15am and just made the 10.30am train. It was a rush to get a seat but I managed to get one next to the sweetest Sri Lankan family. They offered me food, let me hold their baby, and play peek a boo with their son. The little one was pretty impressed with my eyes and tried numerous times to gently take them out. With no language we managed to communicate through lots of smiles and laughs. When I got off the train they blew me kisses and waved goodbye. Bless them.

After a short tuk tuk ride I was in Unawatuna, and finally after pretty much starving for the night, I had my first Sri Lankan meal. It was delicious – dahl, spinach curry, papadums and sweet potatoes, topped off with a desicated coconut, tomato, onion and chilli sambol. I then trekked up through a mini jungle to a little hidden away beach stopping on the way back for a fresh coconut. I am now getting eaten alive by mosquitos listening to the distant honks of tuk tuk horns.

Looking forward to exploring more of this bright and colourful country.


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