If you ever go to Mexico make the time to see Guanajuato. Visually it is right up there with one of my favourite places in Mexico. When you look down on the city from up on the hillside it looks a lot like the favellas in Rio. There is so much colour but also a real European vibe that makes the place so special. I had the most delicious falafels, almost daily, at a little place called Habibti Falafel, such a nice change after eating a lot of tortillas and tacos. I went to a crazy mummy museum filled with..well mummies! It was actually pretty amazing. There were so many of them and they were all so well preserved that you could still make out their private parts as well as body hair! I spent a lot of time walking the many streets and underground walkways, and as always sampling the delicious abundance of foods. On my last day I treked up the surrounding mountains- in thongs actually, finding a beautiful view of the whole city. I stayed with a lovely couple called Buzz and Maria who I found through airbnb. I would highly reccomend them and their gorgeous cosy place. The bed feels like you are sleeping on a cloud and the place is absolutley spotless. On my last night Maria invited me to watch the sunset go down while we sipped fresh mango margaritas and snacked on homemade salsa. Every morning I woke up and looked out my window feeling so grateful to be in such a beautiful place.

Sun Kissed & Dreaming Β©



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