Its been an amazing 3 weeks. Even though it was difficult to say goodbye to the kids in Tapachula and the people I have met along the way it is always nice to see somewhere new.
I’ve spent the last two and a half weeks in a beautiful, relaxing and peaceful place where life slows down giving you time to appreciate the simple things. I’ve enjoyed showering with a bucket under the stars, laying in a hammock between surf sessions, playing uno and unwinding with yoga before bed. I’ve had some of the best waves of my life, improved my Spanish, with the help of a very kind friend (yes Saul that’s you) and eaten lots of delicious food. Tacos, Tlyudas, Tostadas and home cooked meals by the wonderful Coco (of cocoleoco surf camp) have kept my belly full. I have been so lucky to experience the kind way of the Mexicans who are always happy to help you- from fixing a flat bike tire and giving you a seat while you wait, to taking you ALL the way to the bus stop and waiting until your bus leaves. I am sad to leave this special little place, but I’m sure I will be back. Next stop Oaxaca City.

IMG_9604 image IMG_9579 IMG_9593 IMG_9573 IMG_1001 IMG_0950 IMG_9600 IMG_9525IMG_9546

Sun Kissed & Dreaming Β©


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