After five weeks in Tapachula I am now able to make my way around the streets without worrying too much about getting lost or not being able to find my way home. I have grown to love Tapachula and the friendly people who live here who are always ready to greet you with a smile.

Mornings are my favourite time of day in Tapachula. The air is a bit cooler and the streets are peaceful with a clear view of the volcano in the distance. I’ve been starting my days with a huge bowl of oats, topped with bannana, cinnamon and yoghurt. The fruit and veg here is plentiful and cheap.

Tapachula has impressed me with its food options and its general style and character. Here you can find delicious quesadillas filled with zuchini, chicken, beef or mushrooms. The tortas (rolls) are packed with lettuce, sausage, bacon and topped with all the condiments your heart desires. Orange juice and choco milk can be found on just about every corner and if you are craving something sweet, a stop at one of the cupcake shops for a jam filled strawberry cupcake is bound to satisfy.

Next I want to tell you all about the Mexican people. Even in the scorching heat the Mexicans have a way of smelling like they have just jumped out of the shower, with their fresh smell lingering for a few blocks after they have passed. They can pull off jeans and long sleeved shirts without even breaking a sweat. The woman cruise the dusty, uneven streets in sky high heels with grace. I am hoping by the time I leave Mexico, I will have learnt a thing or two on the art of being CRISPY no matter the circumstances.

Trips to the beach are the highlight of my week. We wake up early jump in the van, get the music crankin and head to the beach. Everyone is happy and peaceful as we drive out of the city waiting to see what the waves will bring. When we arrive at the beach, we grab our boards and walk to ‘the spot’, we paddle out and I smile as I feel so lucky to be surfing with only a handful of people. Here in Tapachula the kids don’t complain about the surf, they just get out there no matter the conditions charging any wave that comes their way.

My stay here is nearly coming to an end. I have two weeks left in Tapachula, then onto Oaxaca to chase the waves.

Mexican man
Sun Kissed & Dreaming Β©


6 thoughts on “BUENOS DIAS AMIGOS”

    1. Hey mate,sounds like yr cruising and missing you on Saturdays as new workers not cutting it like you were but doing ok regardless….Are you surfing on for awhile b4 returing to Oz ,,,,

      1. Hey Charle! Nice to hear from you, at this stage I will be sticking around a little longer after I finish up here but just not sure for how long. I guess it will depend on the waves and the places I find along the way!

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