Hannah and Felix bought this canal property on the North Coast of Australia last year. Although it needed a lot of cosmetic updates, it was clear this family home’s true potential could be brought to life. In its original state it hosted all those 70s vibes that did not work for open plan living. Segmented and unpractical it was clear some structural changes were needed as well as brown brick, orange tiles and a fish pond under the stairs, oh my! With the river view being at the heart of this property, the aim was to accentuate its colours and coastal, relaxed feeling throughout the house letting the light and salt breeze throughout. Hannah and Felix wanted a home that was minimal maintenance while encouraging their outdoor lifestyle and love of the water. With renovations on the upstairs bedrooms still to come, it’s clear this home is well on its way to reaching their expectations.

This is their home..

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How long ago did the two of you move in?
We are coming up to two years since we first moved in. Felix could really see the potential but I just couldn’t get past the brown 70’s brick! It wasn’t until I stood on the waterfront that I could see that we could really make it something special. I’m not a fan of brand new houses anyway.

How long did the renovations take?
More like when will the renovations finish! Downstairs took about three months. It would have been quicker but the floor tiles had to be redone three times! They kept getting shiny tiles mixed up with the matte ones we had chosen so we lived out of the laundry for an eternity. When we first moved in, our upstairs bathroom flooded the kitchen. I must say I cried a bit but it really pushed us to start on the project.

Can you describe your style for me?
My Style would be a real mix. I have always loved Asian influences and have recently brought home some colourful pieces from Laos, which I love. We have a trip planned to Mexico next year and I’m hoping to bring home lots of one off goodies. Anything bright and fun to contrast our white and grey colour scheme always works. I grew up in a renovated log cabin in a pine forest in Byron Bay. My mum always had the house looking amazing with a combination of vintage wares, Asian vibes and incense burning. I think her style has really rubbed off on me.

Do you have a favourite piece?
My favourite piece would be my husbands coffee table made from an old electrical cable drum. No matter where we move or what I buy everyone always comments on it. He’s chuffed too because not many of his things made the cut! I also love our splash back in the kitchen. The hand made Spanish tiles were a risk, but I think the blue really works against the water. My favourite piece of art would be my Jai Vasicek tiles from Ahoy Trader located in Byron Bay.

Do you get your pieces locally, any particular shop you love?
We have collected furniture and things for the house from all over. I like things that have a story or that won’t be seen anywhere else. Locally Byron Bay is my treasure trove. I’ll shop at Ahoy Trader, Hope & May or Raw Vintage.

You and your partner work away from home, what do like to do when back at home?
When we are at work it’s not that glamorous. High vis clothing, dirt, coal, big machines and camp accommodation- it’s fun and we love our jobs, but when we come home its time to relax. Most mornings we walk around Snapper headland, have a coffee and read the paper. All our meals are prepared for us at work, so when I’m home I love to cook with a glass of red wine in the kitchen.

The two of you have recently renovated the downstairs area, what are your plans for the rest of the house?
Renovating upstairs is our next mission. Three bedrooms and three bathrooms are all in an original 70s state. Our main bedroom has a whole peach and gold vibe going on- it’s SO hideous but you just have to laugh that it was once in style.

A big thank you to Hannah & Felix for sharing their beautiful home.

Hannah shops here:

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