Recently, I set off on a three day getaway to the country, to get back to me and to feel inspired. When I was looking through the list of accommodation options I stumbled upon a place called Cottonwood Cottage. Just the name was enough to make me curious. I took one look at the website and knew I HAD to stay there. It was everything I was looking for and more…

Cottonwood Cottage

Cottonwood Cottage is just a short drive from the beautiful little town of Bellingen. As you make your way along the gorgeous country roads, surrounded by idyllic country side and lush green rolling hills, you will find yourself slowly starting to relax.

On arrival at Cottonwood Cottage you will be blown away by the beauty of the property which leaves you wondering if you are dreaming…


Cottonwood cottage

Cottonwood Cottage brings luxury to the country and has clearly been styled with absolute comfort in mind. Peruse the eclectic selection of books and magazines by the cosy fire or under one of the many beautiful trees in the sun.


Cottonwood Cottage will help you to appreciate the little things in life – the sound of  birds, misty mornings, crystal clear rivers and the warm afternoon sun.









Cottonwood Cottage left me feeling peaceful, inspired and totally rejuvenated.

I won’t give too much away – but I invite you to discover it for yourself; experience an absolutely magical place that you will NEVER forget.

A big thank you to owners Suzi and Dan for creating such a perfect place and to manager Gayle for her superb hospitality.

I can’t wait for my next visit  ❤

Sun Kissed & Dreaming ©




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